SHINE Soirées

Free events in Denver
Celebrating the triumph of the human spirit
in the aftermath of sexual violation…and the hero in us all!

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Soirée FAQs

What Is This?
A SHINE Soirée is a sparkling evening of champagne and cider, stories, and strategies for shining every day – without shame! During these free events in Denver, you’ll enjoy a non-therapeutic evening of elegance, transformation and delight, as we toast the heroic journey of Free to Shine! graduates, explore insights from Transformation Tribe members, and become educated and inspired by topic and policy experts.  Together, we celebrate the hero within us all, and leave with concrete strategies for shining bright every day.

What Isn’t This?
A SHINE Soirée is not: a support group for abuse victims, sexual assault counseling, exclusively for overcomers of sexual assault, or a community you have to join or commit to. You will not be required to publicly share or to hear painful details of sexual violation.

When Is This?
SHINE Soirées take place 7 to 9 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month. These are free events in Denver.

Who Is Welcome?
Everyone, male and female, teen and older, is welcome at SHINE Soirées.


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