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Stage 1 - Awakening

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Welcome to the Awakening stage of your Hero’s Journey!
You are awakening to the impact of sexual trauma and the possibility for transformation, and are committed to reclaiming the treasure of your true self.

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Together, we’ll explore in greater depth the four stages of your Hero’s Journey: Awakening, Transformation, Reward, and Shining.

To enrich your experience, each video, and each stage of the journey, includes:

  • Waypoints: These are specific experiences common to everyone who travels through each stage of the Hero’s Journey – a marker of your progress and an empowering validation that others have passed this way before.
  • Hero Hints: These tips for traveling through your Hero’s Journey include a guiding mantra for each stage and concrete action you can take to activate your healing and prepare you for the next stage.
  • Campbell Quotes: Affirmations from Joseph Campbell, the father of the Hero’s Journey, these reflect each stage’s unique qualities, and ignite your courageous quest for the treasure of your true self after sexual violation.


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