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“Lisa Foster was a speaker for Sonoma State University’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2017, delivering a workshop and a presentation about the Hero’s Journey for Overcomers of Sexual Violation. Ms. Foster is an engaging, powerful, and deeply impactful speaker. She has a unique gift: the ability to guide the audience through challenging terrain with sensitivity, humor, and passion to a new perspective. Not only was I, and the audience, deeply moved by her presentation, but we left with a clarity of vision and concrete tools for approaching this sensitive topic in a new light – moving, as she says, ‘from shame and silence to heroism and fierce hope.’ I encourage you to invite Ms. Foster to share her gift with you.”
– Dr. William Silver, Dean of the School of Business and Economics, Sonoma State University
“Wow! Folks were leaning in to every word, and the number of people that stayed after to connect speaks volumes to the value they got from your talk. Your presence and content were exactly what will continue to make this event a success. Grateful to you!”
– Kyle Matthews, Chief Connecting Officer, Crankset Group
“Whatever Lisa Foster does, she does with passion – and her presentations are no exception. She is a dynamic speaker with creative and transformational ideas. She connected with and inspired the audience at my event and had everyone’s wheels turning on how the information could impact their lives. People were left craving more!”
– Amanda Halliday, Founder, Ways to Optimize

Personal & Professional Growth

A Lit Path: How to Be Your Own Hero

We all face challenges, large and small.  Rather than simply surviving life’s trials, discover a lit path to becoming your own hero, fulfilled  and authentically empowered. In this interactive presentation, Lisa applies Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to reveal tangible tools and techniques you can apply daily to move through the four stages of your own journey and claim your reward: the treasure of your true self, fully actualized.  Learn how to transform any challenge from obstacle to opportunity, and create a life you love.

Cracking the Code: How to Capitalize On Your Original Design

The first place to look for core solutions in your personal and professional life is inside! We each have an original design – a unique combination of strengths, cognitive functions and personality traits – that, when understood and applied, unlocks solutions in our lives. In this presentation, based on parillume’s Shine From Your Original Design℠ program, learn how insights from StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs and Enneagram assessments reveal three integrated invitations: to meaningful contribution, to great relationships, and to healthy expression.  We’ll explore and design strategies to leverage the treasure of your true self and create a life you love!

Click below to hear a sample from Lisa’s talk at a recent Women, Wine & Wellness event:


Overcoming Sexual Violation

The Invisible Hero

The story of sexual violation, like all stories, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. But we tend to stop in the middle of this story – in the second stage of the Hero’s Journey, stuck in recovery – and call it the ending.  In The Invisible Hero, based on her talk at TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen 2016, Lisa shares her story from beginning to heroic ending, and explores parillume’s lit path for survivors to create happy endings of their own. Learn how victims of sexual violation can complete their Hero’s Journey to reclaim the treasure of their true selves, to shine in their lives, and ultimately to transform the world’s story: from shame and silence to heroism and fierce hope. ur

TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen 2016: Sexual Violation and the Invisible Hero

Shining A Light On Sexual Violation

Our society often views sexual violation through a shame-based lens that creates obstacles to prevention and recovery.  This interactive seminar educates audiences about practical approaches to the issue of sexual violation. Learn how to prevent and address sexual violation by applying four tools:

  • See: How to recognize signs of grooming and sexual violation.
  • Feel: How to find and use your internal compass.
  • Speak: How to cultivate safe, shame- and blame-free conversations.
  • Heal: Resources for responding to, and recovering from, sexual violation.


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