Shine From Your
Original Design
Practical tools to unlock the treasure of your true self.


Are you flying blind?

What happens when you’re a passenger in your own life,
with your subconscious at the controls?

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“Where do I start?! Lisa is fabulous and gets to the heart of why you are the way you are. She helps you to realize how to be your best self. I found both the individual and couples sessions invaluable.  My boyfriend and I are already communicating differently, understanding each other better, and loving and supporting each other even more.” – KV
I have done a lot of personality and leadership assessment work, and though I had doubts that another program could make a difference for me or my team, Lisa Foster’s Shine From Your Original Design (SFOD) program empowered me personally, and my team, more than I could have imagined. Team members reaped immediate benefits from her individual sessions, reporting positive shifts in perspective, improved communication, and better work outcomes. And her all-team session provided not only powerful insights into team dynamics but concrete, applicable tools for handling challenges big and small effectively and compassionately. SFOD was a huge win for our team, and we continue to use its lessons, insights and tools. As a manager, I highly recommend this program! – Sarah Dominick, Water Utility Project Manager
Shine From Your Original Design was a game changer. Having used coaches consistently for several years I deeply value collaborating with an authentic person who has gone before me and done the work. Lisa has done the work. I gained insights about myself and my partner that have catalyzed positive change and growth. I leave the sessions with clarity about my professional life, with grace in my approach to love, and with confidence in how I choose to show up in the world. Lisa is a master facilitator: Her ability to provide a safe place for truth is priceless. #grateful – JO
The couples session my husband and I had with Lisa was AMAZING. Having her facilitate a discussion about our communication with assessment tools was incredibly useful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lisa Foster’s work. – TI
Lisa reads personality profiles like I read financial statements. It was awe-inspiring. I appreciated her ability to bring the assessments together into some form of logic – you know how us accountants love logic 🙂 – that I could wrap my head around! – VB
My two teens and I went through Lisa’s SFOD program. Outstanding! We loved the experience and left with powerful and concrete insights and tools to make us better people and better with each other. My relationship with both of my kids, and their relationship with each other, changed literally overnight: from awkward and somewhat dysfunctional to deep, vibrant, compassionate, communicative, effective… We know ourselves better, we know each other better, and we now know how to honor and love ourselves and each other authentically. Lisa is a wizard, and I highly recommend this program to anyone with a brain, a heart, and just a bit of courage. – TM
Working with Lisa’s SFOD for Teams program was incredibly impactful for me as a leader and for team cohesion, communication and understanding. We have a greater awareness of how to maximize our strengths and apply our gifts to achieve team goals, and to communicate through critical conversations to achieve breakthroughs. SFOD also empowered us with a more conscious and proactive strategy for building our team into the future. I highly recommend SFOD for your organization or business! – Jenny Stith, WINGS Foundation
“Lisa has an incredible talent for bringing a number of the most popular personality tests together in a unique format to build an easy-to-understand picture of your strengths, where you ‘default to’ every day, where you can ‘sink to’ if things are not going well, and – most importantly – where your strengths can lead you when you want them to. This has been a fantastic experience!” – GG
Lisa’s process is insightful and intuitive, providing a more comprehensive understanding of myself and tools to apply this knowledge toward communication with my husband and business partner. Not only was it practical to learn a bit more about the character and qualities that underlie each other’s strengths and skill-sets, but I also found it exhilarating to envision possibilities for personal expansion that will help clarify my approach to our home and our work. In fact, I’d like to schedule more sessions! – AD
“Lisa’s Shine From Your Original Design program is incredibly powerful and valuable. Not only does she help interpret the results of various personal assessments, but she translates the results into practical terms so you know what steps to take in your life to fully embrace who you are and what you seek. Up until taking part in the program I was missing the answer to the question “What does this all really mean in terms of my personal and professional life?” I found the answer from my time with Lisa. – SK
“As a single mom of two teenage daughters, I feel a range of emotions as I watch them explore their world, meet challenges, retreat and do it all again. When how to help them through eludes me, life at home can get a little scary. Lisa’s Shine From Your Original Design made sense not only of each of our styles of being in the world, but also of how we interact with one another. The analysis explained what’s happening when we get crosswise, with each other or with someone else. Lisa’s recommendations for how we each might develop our healthiest selves were customized and right on. We often arrange our SFOD One-Sheets side-by-side, to decipher the mysteries of our relationships. It’s fun, which makes it an essential learning tool as they bolt toward adulthood. – JS
Our team loves working with Lisa Foster. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried .. her SFOD has helped as be stronger together. Highly recommend it. – Lindsay Fisher, PrintPointe
“My husband met Lisa through his work and scheduled me to go through the Shine From Your Original Design program. The session flew by, and at the end I had gained a whole new understanding of myself, how I interact with others, and how I have held myself back from reaching career goals because of traits I thought were a detriment but are really just part of my design. I can’t tell you how freeing it is to truly accept myself. I left with tangible goals and excitement for what I can accomplish when I use my strengths! My husband and I have since gone through the couples session and I think it’s necessary for anyone in a relationship; married, dating, siblings, parents. Lisa is genuine, knowledgeable, and fun. I can’t say enough good things about Lisa and her program! – KM
I am absolutely in love and incredibly grateful for Lisa Foster training. Learning about my team’s individual strengths, and personalities, has been extremely clarifying, empowering, and motivating. It is beautiful to truly understand people for their unique selves, learn how to collaborate, link arms, and work cohesively, to be unstoppable! Learning how to motivate, lead, and how to understand what deters or frustrates someone is life-changing for my profession. I am forever grateful for Lisa’s wisdom, grace, and incredible knowledge. I think anyone in leadership should hire her for their teams!! – Lauren Simms, Isagenix

Lisa Foster’s Shine From Your Original Design was a HUGE game changer for me!! It has provided me with a road map to help me make decisions about my career and my life. More than ever before I have a deeper, better understanding of WHO I am, and more importantly WHY I am! And the time with my children opened our eyes to a way to speak to, support, and love each other we never had before – it’s been amazing and fun to watch! – MO (mom)

I had so much fun learning my strengths and weaknesses (more strengths) and how I can see them in my life every day! – MO (16 years old)

Thank you so so much! I learned how to understand myself when I’m in a bad place. – MO (11 years old)

I’ve been participating in self-improvement techniques and programs for several years. My girlfriend and I went through Lisa’s Shine From Your Original Design℠ (SFOD) for Couples program. We enlisted Lisa’s help to improve communication between us and become more self-aware so that we can work towards the relationship we’ve always wanted. Through her unique use of multiple assessments and coaching sessions, we were made aware of each other’s strengths and blind spots as well as being more cognizant of how the other may receive communication. This is truly life-changing stuff and I would highly recommend Lisa’s program! I’m even considering going through the SFOD program with my teenage children. – SH
It’s one thing to take a bunch of personality assessments online, then try to decipher the results on your own. It’s quite another to spend 90 minutes with an expert like Lisa helping you understand your strengths, personality type and Enneagram, as well as the interplay among them. My session with Lisa was an energizing and enjoyable experience that deepened my understanding of myself and got me excited to apply what I learned in my business and personal life. I highly recommend a Shine from Your Own Design session for anyone looking to take their growth and development to a deeper level. – Julie Wienen Withrow
“Lisa’s SFOD workshops provide tremendous insight into what make us each ‘tick’ as individuals, and how and why we are often not living our lives in a way that brings us satisfaction and joy. Lisa does an exceptional job of interpreting each individual’s personality profile and presenting results which are clear, concise and understandable. She delivers the content in a manner that makes you feel that no matter what your personality type, you have much to contribute to the world and those around you when you are operating from a place of healthy expression. She also does a great job of helping you to understand what may be keeping you from that healthy expression, along with providing steps that you can take to get to your optimal state of being. When working with couples, Lisa is great at outlining the behaviors that certain personality types display that may cause issues for their partner, along with how each partner in a relationship can adapt their response to those behaviors to enable a more harmonious partnership. I highly recommend this program for anyone who isn’t 100% satisfied with their current state of well-being. – SB
Lisa was amazing at helping me to understand who I am in a new, deeper way. It’s more than just what the assessments say – it’s how she brings it all together. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of signing up for SFOD!! – AS
“My SFOD session with Lisa was extremely empowering and valuable. It’s rare that I allow myself to be vulnerable, but Lisa provided the energy and space and it just flowed out of me. At times I have felt that my strengths were to my detriment, but after my session with Lisa, I’ve learned how beautiful they are if I allow them to shine. Lisa showed me how powerful my personality profile is in healthy expression and provided tangible tools to continue the work. I feel strong and excited about life and the goals we discussed. She is fabulous, lovely, genuine, fun and excited to join you on your journey. What a wonderful experience!” – DW
In her SFOD program Lisa Foster uses her intuition and three assessments to help you understand yourself and your loved ones on a deeper level so that you can have better relationships with yourselves, each other, and quite frankly — enjoy life a whole HECK of a lot more!! – MC
Lisa’s Shine From Your Original Design program is an excellent course in self-discovery. Lisa also makes it a practical experience, sharing tools to help build on your strengths and push you to recognize and overcome barriers to success. Lisa’s light and uplifting style also creates a comfortable environment for this exploratory journey. – John Tayer


Many of us function on auto-pilot, repeating patterns unthinkingly, and reaping the same results. Here’s what happens:

  • As individuals: We can be reactive, fail to show up as our best self, and feel discontent.
  • As a couple: We may be stuck in unresolved relationship habits, react from our inner fears, take things personally, and judge – rather than honor – our partner.
  • In families: We may put our loved ones into boxes, and live in conflict rather than mutual support; and our children suffer the consequences – emotionally and developmentally.
  • On a team: Employees may be stuck in the wrong roles; the team can be plagued by interpersonal conflict, productivity suffers, and leadership may feel disempowered.


Shine From Your Original Design℠
–  for individuals, couples, families, and teams –


What if you could shift from passenger to pilot? What if you understood, and mastered, your unique blend of strengths, personality, and self-expression?

In focused, non-therapeutic sessions, Lisa integrates powerful assessment tools to develop concrete, customized plans of action that you – and your partner, family, or team – can apply daily to leverage the treasure of your true selves, optimize personal and professional outcomes, and create lives you love!

Before your session, please complete the following three assessments:
StrengthsFinder ($19.99)
Myers Briggs (free)
Enneagram ($12: Recommended) orEnneagram (free)

About Lisa

Lisa Foster has been active in transformational ventures, both here and abroad, as an entrepreneur, non-profit founder, public speaker, facilitator, and program developer.  She founded Parillume to provide a lit path, with practical tools and a supportive community, to transform survivors into thrivers in the aftermath of sexual violation – through coaching, speaking, free events, and local networks of healing practitioners.  Her Shine From Your Original Design program is used in this transformation process as part of her Free to Shine! service.

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