You are beautiful. You are free. And you can shine again ~ without shame.

If you have been sexually violated, you are a hero on a journey … whether you know it yet or not.

My name is Lisa Foster. My Hero’s Journey began 24 years ago when I confronted my father about sexually abusing me.   As I began to heal from self-hatred, trauma, and self-protection, I noticed something: The shame-based lens of our culture condemned me to a lifetime in the Recovery stage as a “survivor.”  But I was determined to pioneer a path beyond survival, to an abundant, free, fully-expressed life without limits.  I created parillume so others, like you, could join me.

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"It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot


The name parillume is derived from para (near or alongside) and illume (to shine). parillume empowers those who have experienced sexual violation to continue past the survivor stage and heroically reclaim the treasure of their true selves shining in the world without shame. No matter where you are on your Hero’s Journey, there are resources available for your recovery – and for your reward. You are not alone, and you are a treasure worth fighting for.

The Hero’s Journey for Overcomers of Sexual Violation™

Stage 1: Awakening


The Hero’s Journey applies the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell to the challenge of reclaiming the treasure of your true self after sexual violation. The Awakening stage invites you to heal and grow: You recognize today’s pain is rooted in your sexual violation, and you embrace the possibility of healing. You move from the known world, with its false sense of security, to the unknown, transforming world of recovery.

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Stage 2: Recovery


In the Recovery stage, a safe, loving network of healing resources gives you the courage to slay the dragons of shame and PTSD. Your mental, emotional, physical and relational symptoms – manifestations of underlying trauma – begin to fade. You become fully immersed in the transforming world, and you begin a new life.

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Stage 3: Reward


After the internal journey of Recovery, your Reward is to externalize your new life. You are empowered to reap the benefits of your recovery work by actualizing the dreams, designs, desires and delights inside you. In this stage, you explore the treasure of your true self — your freedom, child-like joy, beauty, spirit, and story. You shine again, without shame, for the world to see.

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Stage 4: Shining

By the time you get to this final stage of the Hero’s Journey, you are Shining with freedom and ease. You are both author and hero of your story. From your platform and on your terms, you inspire others to begin their own Hero’s Journeys.

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"After the final 'No' there is a 'Yes' on which the world depends." Wallace Stevens


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