You are beautiful.
You are free.
And you can shine again ~ without shame.
sexual assault recovery resources

If you have experienced sexual assault, you are a hero on a journey … whether you know it yet or not.

My name is Lisa Foster. My Hero’s Journey began decades ago when I confronted my father about sexually abusing me.  As I began to heal from self-hatred, sexual trauma, and self-protection, I noticed something: The shame-based lens of our culture condemned me to a lifetime in the Transformation stage as a “survivor.”  But I was determined to pioneer a path beyond survival, to an abundant, free, fully-expressed life without limits.  I created Parillume so others, like you, could join me.

Explore the Hero’s Journey for Overcomers of Sexual Violation™!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." George Eliot


The name Parillume is derived from para (near or alongside) and illume (to shine). Parillume provides a lit path, with practical tools and a supportive community, to transform survivors into thrivers in the aftermath of sexual violation. No matter where you are on your Hero’s Journey, there are transformation resources and a lit path waiting to you. You are not alone, and you are a treasure worth fighting for.

"After the final 'No' there is a 'Yes' on which the world depends." Wallace Stevens


Reclaim the treasure of your true self!

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