Play-full Practice 9: How to Help Feeling Types Make More Grounded Decisions

In Myers Briggs, the Feeling preference (F) makes decisions more subjectively, based on the impact those decisions will have on people. 

In other words, every decision feels personal. For feelers, emotions are so central to decision-making that they can stop productivity in its tracks. 

Want to help yourself or others on your team take things a little less personally, so they can be more grounded in their decision-making? 

Check out this week’s play-full practice:

PFP Challenge (3)
What are Superpowers?

Superpowers are your innate talents, motivations, and personality patterns that consistently produce superior results.

What is Kryptonite?

Kryptonite is the tasks, duties and communication styles that disempower us, fueling avoidance, mediocrity and silos on our teams. 

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What is a Play-full Practice Challenge?

A Play-full Practice is a new action, practiced with full commitment, that contributes to your personal and professional development.

This Challenge will help you and your team apply superpowers to drive revenue and results. Challenges build on each other to provide a year-long path to growth!

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