Play-full Practice 10: How to Calm the Nervous System of A Judging Type

As a Judging type (J) in Myers Briggs, detailed plans and completed lists are my superpowers and my self-care. For Perceiving (P) types, however, detailed planning can feel like a trap—kryptonite for a P. So, for all of you open, spontaneous P’s, if you feel planning pressure from your J colleagues or managers, consider this … Read more

Play-full Practice 1: What You Focus On Expands

Parillume Founder, Lisa Foster, has a Play-Full Practice for you How can you be in your superpowers at least 80% of the time? We’ll show you how to get started in this 60-second video. What are Superpowers? Superpowers are your innate talents, motivations, and personality patterns that consistently produce superior results.  Explore more on our blog » … Read more

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