Play-full Practice 1: What You Focus On Expands

Parillume Founder, Lisa Foster,
has a Play-Full Practice for you

How can you be in your superpowers at least 80% of the time? We'll show you how to get started in this 60-second video.

PFP Challenge (1)
What are Superpowers?

Superpowers are your innate talents, motivations, and personality patterns that consistently produce superior results. 

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What is a Play-full Practice Challenge?

A Play-full Practice is a new action, practiced with full commitment, that contributes to your personal and professional development.

This Challenge will help you and your team apply superpowers to drive revenue and results. Challenges build on each other to provide a year-long path to growth!

Activate Your Team's Superpowers

Parillume provides transformational coaching and keynotes to help you shift your lens and leverage your team’s unique strengths, personalities and perspectives to drive revenue and improve relationships.

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