Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 1

Lovin’ Type One: Being Perfect in a Pandemic

2020 has provided enough drama for a decade. We don’t need more of it on our teams or in our personal relationships.

Our summer Enneagram tour provides tips and tools about how to work with – or live as – each of the 9 Enneagram types during the new normal.

Enjoy this week’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) and journal entry from an Enneagram One Reformer:


Understand that perfection is your ultimate goal and that you’ll notice mistakes – and care about them – MUCH more than others. Let people know ahead of time that you’ll be particular about doing it right, and allow some wiggle room and accommodations for inevitable mistakes – early on.

Olivia missed her deadline due to someone else’s mistake. Now she can set up a system to get colleague’s work early, review early, and allow iterative improvement. Someone else’s mistake can trigger solutions instead of snark.


Please don’t ever say to a One “You did it wrong” or “Why didn’t you?” or “Haven’t you…?” In all likelihood they already noticed any mistakes and are mortified by them. Instead, ask questions and assume the best of intentions. Ones want to get everything just right – including their relationship with you.

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