Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 2

Lovin’ Type Two: How Can I Help?

Feeling the love? If you’ve got Enneagram Twos on your team, you most certainly are! On this week’s summer tour we hear from the Enneagram Two Helper, and discover ways we can reduce the drama and increase the LOVE with these generous types.


Acknowledge your amazing gifts to build community and help everyone all the time. Remember: Not everyone has your gifts to love people with such intensity, sensitivity and generosity. It’s NOT personal when that love doesn’t seem to come back to you.

To reduce the pain and drama in your life, practice replacing silent expectations of others with clear boundaries* for yourself.

* To set a boundary: Get in touch with what you authentically want to do, give, say, and then put a fence around it – so you don’t give more than you truly want to.


Return the love the Enneagram Two gives to you! Pay attention to all they’re doing for your team, relationship, or family. Affirm their efforts – and lighten some of their burden – by stepping up to help them. They may never ask for help, but they are sure to appreciate it – and to feel the love.

Would you like to activate the superpowers on your team? Are you looking for more insights and tools on how to motivate, engage and lead your team? I’d love to chat with you!

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