Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 9

Lovin’ Type Nine: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood Fall is officially here, and as we close out our Summer Lovin’ series, we look to our Enneagram 9 Peacemaker friends. Often called the crown of the Enneagram, these grounded, spiritual types avoid conflict like the plague, and in doing so, can create even more … Read more

Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 4

Lovin’ Type Four: Nothing Really Matters At All… And now for something completely different: On this week’s summer tour we hear from the Enneagram 4 Individualist – that creative, romantic, authentic and insightful member of our team who is not afraid to look at the shadowy side of life … IF THIS IS YOU: No … Read more

Hackocalypse: Harness Your Superpowers and Hack the Apocalypse

Enneagram Hacks to Keep Calm, Carry On and Contribute During this time of global disempowerment, how do we keep calm, carry on and contribute? I believe that understanding the Enneagram – our types and the types of those around us – can help us navigate this challenging time. If we stay grounded and lean into our superpowers, … Read more

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