Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 3

Lovin’ Type Three: How to Thrive in a Global Pandemic

Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow… and you’re probably chasing a 3 on your team! On this week’s summer tour we hear from the Enneagram Three Achiever – a type I know a little bit about, since it’s my own – and discover ways we can reduce the internal drama and increase the compassion with these high-driving types.


The drive to achieve is admirable, and, it can be a way to escape ooey gooey emotions and relationships.

Rest is hard for 3s. We love to collect the next gold star because we conflate our identity and worth with our achievements. So when we can’t escape failure, fear that we’re not worthy manifests as comparison, competition and ego. You may not see it through my mask of success, but it can be very dramatic in here.

As a 3 myself, it’s easy to feel healthy when everything’s going well and I’m crossing off my to-do list. The true test of my growth, however, is when I bump up against the internal drama of failure, loss, or rejection. This is my chance to drama-proof my life: Stay unattached to outcomes and practice authenticity and self-love in the moment.


Sometimes it can seem like we don’t really know the 3s in our world. When everything is always “So great!” for them, it can be intimidating – and challenging – to connect in an authentic way. It can also be hard to get on their calendar – because it’s usually full. Try not to take it personally.

Instead, can you be compassionate about the fact that 3s feel they have to perform to be loved, worthy and accepted? What if you were a safe place for them to practice knowing they are worthy just as they are?  

Would you like to activate the superpowers on your team? Are you looking for more insights and tools on how to motivate, engage and lead your team? I’d love to chat with you!

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