Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 5

Lovin’ Type Five: Let me look that up

Who needs Google when you’ve got an Enneagram 5 Investigator in the room? This week’s summer tour finds the 5 diligently showing up for their PSA and striving to master journaling … while journaling.


Do you love research? Are you a fan of diving into a topic and becoming the expert? Would you rather be off in your garage or office working on your latest project instead of emotionally connecting with others?

Is your worst fear being beholden to others’ expectations, demands, and desires?

If so, welcome to the land of the 5. Drama arises when you have to navigate the world of people, social norms and emotions – when all you really want to do is dive into the hobby, contraption, or intriguing idea that’s captured your attention.

Consider that the people in your world don’t want to rob you of your energy, but actually just want to connect with you – and experience your brilliance. What if, instead of ghosting them to get time alone, you practiced telling them when you’ll get back to them? And then doing so. A little focused quality time with you may be all they need – and may inspire, rather than drain, your personal time.


The 5’s emotional disconnection, and physical absence, can lead us to invent stories about their motivations. And stories mean drama.

To drama-proof life or work with a 5, accept their occasional disappearing acts, and don’t take it personally. Honor the 5’s need for time and space to work, dream, and create.

If you live or work with a 5, check in with them. Ask if they need more time for projects – and ask to reconnect. Just because 5’s keep their feelings to themselves doesn’t mean they don’t feel. If you put boundaries around the quality time you spend with a 5, they can relax enough to let you into their brilliant mind and beautiful heart.

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