Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 6

Lovin’ Type Six: But what if… ?

You know that person in your life who is always there for you with a smile, support, and a gentle, but persistent… “What if?” What if you don’t get the job? Or that fabulous marketing idea doesn’t work? What if a global pandemic strikes and people lose access to essentials?

This week’s summer tour takes a peek behind the work-from-home curtain of the Enneagram 6 where we discover their greatest drama today comes from the uncertainty of tomorrow.


Who needs drama with other people when it’s already inside your mind every day? As an Enneagram 6 you may struggle with anxiety as you foresee negative scenarios unfolding with each decision you make.

Drama-proofing for you requires slowing the swirl of doubts, skepticism and fear in your mind. Write it all down, talk it out with a friend, partner, or therapist – and leverage your troubleshooting superpowers to flesh out real-world responses to each concern.  You’ll see that, no matter what the future holds, you’ll be able to handle it – and you’ll be held by your community.

In fact, it is your troubleshooting superpowers that make you such a valued member of any team! We can trust you to take good care of us.


The first step in drama-proofing your relationship with an Enneagram 6 is to remind yourself that their skepticism, doubt and worry is not about you!

Notice when you are getting irritated or impatient with a 6 who can’t make up their mind, or who repeats the same concerns over and over again or insists that the new idea you’re proposing could never work. Instead of trying to fix the problem for them or sugarcoat what could go wrong with positivity, what if you “went there” with them? What if you asked them what they would do in that worst-case scenario? Or if they make the “wrong” decision, how they would resolve it?

In doing so, you are not only drama-proofing your relationship by being truly supportive, but you are also validating and helping to resolve their swirl of worry. And that is the greatest gift you can give them!

Would you like to activate the superpowers on your team? Are you looking for more insights and tools on how to motivate, engage and lead your team? I’d love to chat with you!

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