Summer Lovin’: How to drama-proof your life, part 7

Lovin’ Type Seven: How to dance with myself!

With one eye always on the next adventure, Enneagram 7s are the world’s explorers. They are fun, creative and inspiring… as long as no one tampers with their freedom!

On this week’s tour, discover ways to help a 7 keep kicking up their heels – instead of stomping them.


If freedom is the name of your game, then anything – or anyone – that makes you feel trapped is grounds for a fight, right?

When you are up against a “no” in life – no more vacation days, no access to the mountains, no choice in the matter – you might feel as if the walls are closing in on your happy-go-lucky self.

What if, instead of shouting “You’re not the boss of me!”, you paused, took a breath, and settled into the present moment? You aren’t actually trapped, and you don’t have to react as if you are. You always have choices. Consider replacing “Why can’t I have what I want?” with “What options do I have? What creative possibilities are hidden in these new circumstances?”

You are gifted and innovative, and your out-of-the-box thinking may create a breakthrough that surprises even you!


Life with a 7, whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, can be tons of fun – until it isn’t. Until you want to have the hard conversation they’d rather avoid. Or you want space from a conflict and they can’t let it go until it’s resolved. Or until you admit you are exhausted… from the constant ideas, movement, trips, plans, and the flurry of activity.

To drama-proof life with a 7, understand that their sense of freedom energizes them. If you need to resolve a difficult dynamic, what if you plan a fun adventure afterwards? Or have that “dreaded” meeting outside, on a socially distanced hike?

If you are in a conflict with a 7 and need a break, consider giving them the exact day and time you will resolve the issue. They won’t love this, but they will at least know there is an expiration date to the anxiety and unhappiness they’re currently experiencing.

If you are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of ideas, energy and enthusiasm that a 7 in your world possesses, remember that – for a 7 – the dreaming is half the fun. You don’t need to judge or act on every idea or inspiration that flows from the 7’s fertile mind. Pick one adventure you can share together, and enjoy.

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